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History and Disclaimer

In 1995 I co-founded and designed all circuits for the Lovetone® effect pedals brand. After leaving that business way back in 2008, I continued to carry out the very occasional servicing, repair and “stock” upgrades of those original pedals for another 15 years.  However, that era has finally had to come to an end and I regret I can no longer help (nor provide any info) as it is frankly time for me to move on. Also, unfortunately, because of the greatly inflated values the used Lovetone pedals now sell for on eBay®, Reverb® and the like, it had become an issue to be able to insure them adequately in transit. Please note that I no longer have any connection or affiliation whatsoever with Lovetone®.

Regarding Dinosaural®: Between 2002 and 2019 I ran a business called Dinosaural® and during that period several guitar effects were manufactured under the Dinosaural® brand name.  I can, in theory, still service and repair those (now out of warranty) products for my minimum bench fee/hourly rate of £65 per hour (ie 1 hour minimum), not that any have proved to require any attention so far to my knowledge.

In 2018 I formed a limited company: Coggins Audio Ltd® to take over from Dinosaural® officially as of 1st April 2019 as the ongoing outlet for my various electronic and musical work. I had ceased to manufacture pedals for over 5 years, however there is now a new, single available flagship product: The “Cogmeister™”: a triple boost/overdrive. So the Dinosaural® brand/trade mark still exists, albeit now under Coggins Audio Ltd®.

Through my company I have been working full-time (since August 2020) as the Analogue Design Engineer for Thorpy FX®, where we will continue to produce an expanded range including many new and innovative guitar effect pedal designs – please visit their site at

Dan Coggins
1st July 2024


In 1995 I co-founded the Lovetone® effect pedals brand. I left that business in March 2008 and no longer have any connection with it. Due to limited time, resources, legal constraints and a desire to live more in the present and future, I regret that I’m no longer willing to answer any more questions nor provide any further info or advice on those pedals, so thanks in advance for your understanding. Regarding my old days with Lovetone®, for posterity here are some existing interviews I gave about my time in that company, for the archives:

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Between 2002 and 2019 I ran a manufacturing and repair business called Dinosaural®, and during this period several guitar effects were manufactured under the Dinosaural® brand name, which still exists as part of Coggins Audio Ltd®.

The new flagship product is the ‘Cogmeister’ (TM) triple boost/overdrive as seen in the main photo above, which supersedes both the earlier, now-discontinued ‘Tube Bender’ and ‘OPA-101’ pedals with a new ‘Drive’ circuit and goes much further by bookending it with an input treble booster (‘Push’) and an output midrange booster (’Solo’).

Email enquiries are welcome. Please also note: the now-discontinued OTC-201 ‘Opticompressor’ lives on in a new guise: as the Thorpy FX ‘Fat General’ Compressor and that happily, this works superbly well in conjunction with the new ‘Cogmeister’ (TM) to provide a comprehensive ‘gain-structure and dynamics’ package. Dinosaural® is now a Registered Trade Mark of Coggins Audio Ltd. See more interview and article links below:

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For some years I had been servicing, repairing and customising amps, pedals and occasionally guitars, vintage keyboards and synths, as well as hi-fi and studio gear. This proved a very interesting and rewarding experience for the most part, learning how musical gear does what it does and helping musicians and enthusiasts to get the best from it, whilst satisfyingly saving some from a scrapyard fate!

Unfortunately, as of 1st April 2023, I am no longer willing or able to provide a repair service to customers (other than honouring the warranty to direct customers of the currently manufactured Cogmeister™ pedals) owing to my other priorities. I’d like to thank my former Lovetone® and Dinosaural® customers for their support over the past 20+ years and wish you all well. Any outstanding jobs will of course be completed and/or returned as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.