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In 1995 I co-founded the Lovetone® effect pedals brand. Since leaving that business way back in 2008 I’ve continued to carry out the occasional servicing, repair and "stock" upgrades of those original pedals. These belong to various musicians and customers around the world, who are happy to pay me for my knowledge and experience of those old products. Given that I was the original electronic design engineer I can efficiently get them working and/or back to full spec again for a fair price (see ’Repairs’). I can also perform upgrade modifications from Mk 1 to Mk 2 specs on certain models, such as the Wobulator and Doppelgänger. Please note that I no longer have any connection or affiliation whatsoever with the present Lovetone® business.

Regarding Dinosaural®: Between 2002 and 2019 I ran a business called Dinosaural®, and during this period several guitar effects were manufactured under the Dinosaural® brand name. I have since ceased manufacturing pedals for the foreseeable future, but the brand/trade mark still exists. I can still service and repair those products as well. In 2018 I formed a limited company: Coggins Audio Ltd® to take over from Dinosaural® officially as of 1st April 2019 as the ongoing outlet for my various electronic and musical work and the possibly of studio gear later.

I had been doing this as a part-time sideline to a full-time career in ‘hi-tech’ modern electronics for the past decade until recently, which I have now finally abandoned in favour of entrepreneurship. Through this, I am now working full-time as the Analogue Design Engineer for Thorpy FX® where we will continue to produce an expanded range including many more new and innovative guitar effect pedal designs - please visit their site

Dan Coggins
24th August 2020



In 1995 I co-founded the Lovetone® effect pedals brand. I left that business in March 2008 and no longer have any connection with it, except that I still service and repair the old products that I once designed for it, under my own steam. Here are some interviews I did about my time in that company.



dinosaural guitar pedals

Between 2002 and 2019 I ran a manufacturing and repair business called Dinosaural®, and during this period several guitar effects were manufactured under the Dinosaural® brand name, which still exists as an active legal entity. Please note: the OTC-201 ‘Opticompressor' lives on in a new guise, as the Thorpy FX ‘Fat General’ Compressor. Dinosaural ® is now a Registered Trade Mark of Coggins Audio Ltd. See more interview and article links below:



For some years now I have been servicing, repairing and customising amps, pedals and occasionally guitars as well as hi-fi and studio gear. It has been a very interesting and rewarding experience for the most part, learning how musical gear does what it does and helping musicians and enthusiasts to get the best from it.

I had been avoiding doing this for some time however, except for the occasional ongoing repairs and servicing of Lovetone® and Dinosaural® pedals as a rule. This was because I had a full time day job and a family to raise, but circumstances are now a little more favourable for me to be able to take on some repair work again — though I must stress only to a limited extent, but I want to acknowledge my old customers by carrying on doing so.

I charge a fixed fee parts and labour inclusive cost of £50 for the Dinosaural® and smaller Lovetone® pedals and £75 for the larger Lovetone pedals, plus 40% extra for upgrade switch/socket mods. These prices are PLUS return postage. My general/default rate is presently £40 per hour. A fixed 12-month warranty applies for all work done.

By all means contact me if you have an enquiry about service/repair work on the above brands or any other vintage analogue pedals (eg EH®, MXR®, Colorsound/SolaSound®, Ibanez®, Roland/Boss® etc). Also, older ‘classic’ tube amps and echo machines such as the Maestro® Echoplex, WEM® Copicat and Binson® Echorec are fair game, but not the more complex and/or fiddly all-in-one service-unfriendly PCB stuff post-80’s and certainly no digital equipment — sorry!

I hereby reserve the right to exercise my discretion as to what I am prepared to work on and for whom. Due to limited time, resources and legal constraints, I regret I cannot answer too many questions about my old pedal brands, so thanks for your understanding. See my Instagram page ‘Coggins_Audio_Ltd' to view what repairs I’ve been working on. Email is my preferred method of contact.


Thorpy FX

In the summer of 2013 I met Adrian and Georgia Thorpe of their then soon-to-be-launched Thorpy FX Ltd® company when I personally delivered a Dinosaural® pedal I’d sold to Adrian. As we lived locally to one another and it was a nice day, we decided to meet up at a country pub in Uffington, Oxfordshire (UK). We became friends and to cut a long story short, we’ve since collaborated on many unique effects designs which rapidly found their way into the Thorpy FX range of guitar pedals.

These include the ‘Deep Oggin’ chorus-vibrato, the ‘Fat General’ Compressor, the ‘Chain Home’ repeat percussion tremolo, ‘Team Medic’ EQ, ‘Fallout Cloud’ Fuzz, ‘Bunker' Overdrive, 'Field Marshal’ Fuzz and ‘Camoflange' analogue flanger, to name a few.

Now that I am working full time as Analogue Design Engineer for them as my chief priority, there will be many more to come, so watch out for these at

ThorpyFX's Adrian Thorpe and Dan Coggins answer our pedal questions

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