Customer Testimonials

Below are testimonials from just some of our satisfied customers about their experiences with the Cogmeister Guitar Pedal. If you’d like to add your feedback, we’d love to hear from you – just click the button below to share your experience.

Great Pedal!




Such a great pedal! The “swiss army knife” of overdrive/boosters… so many great tones in one box! Makes my AC-15 scream!!



I’m knocked out with it! All 3 boosters cover everything I need, and then some.

The ‘Push’ treble booster is as close as I’ve heard to my old Rangemaster, instant Rory Gallagher circa 1969/70 (with the right Strat, naturally).

The ‘Drive’ fuzz is a monster that makes the guitars sing in a very musical way, and the mid-scoop toggle can be very useful in de-cluttering over-saturated tones from high-output pickups.

The ‘Solo’ booster simply adds some crunch and extra level to my clean sound – invaluable!

To have so much useful variety in a single unit is a wonderful thing indeed.

Fantastic work Dan, you deserve every success with it.

Dave Gregory (XTC, Tin Spirits, Big Big Train)

Inspired Me!

I’m going to really enjoy using the Cogmeister. It’s inspired me to play more guitar!

Nick Fyffe (former bass player for Jamiroquai and the Temperance Movement)

Great Job!

Pedal sounds fantastic – great job with the design!

Richard Green


Firstly, I just want to say, wow. The more I play this, the better it gets. A seriously astounding pedal. I pared back a bigger board and have just been playing with it, a flanger, and a Collider. Heaven.

Wade Lewis


After using the Cogmeister for a month I have rebuilt my entire board around it. I have tried so many combinations of drive pedals and boosts and found some great sounds. This pedal however nails the sounds in my head, is easy to dial in and has it all in one pedal. Brilliant!

Peter King


The Cogmeister is versatile and I’ve found several sounds that I love! It’s on my pedal board!

Nial Tompkins

Pure Magic

This pedal is pure magic! I fired it up yesterday with my cranked ‘67 Super Reverb and it was glorious. It really adds harmonic depth to the tone of my Strat and it’s got this amazing 3D squish factor!  I will never need another drive pedal of any sort – this is the grail for me! Thanks for your ingenuity!

Josh Zukerman


It’s fabulous! The Cogmeister is remarkably versatile and very much a sound unto itself.  It’s not Klon Clone, it’s not a Bluesbreaker, it’s not a Marshall simulator, or a Tube Screamer.  Although it can mimic many of those sounds. I love the mix of sounds I can get from the one pedal and love the various mixes of gain stages I can do. Lots of options and all of them good. It has a real personality and adds a soulfulness to the sound.  That’s as high a praise as I can give it!!

Bill King


The Cogmeister is outstanding. I am not surprised – but wow, it’s truly a special design. Very excited to use it!!

Kyle Moore

Pure Genius

Super adaptable, killer sounding pedal. Best I’ve ever tried, just pure genius!

Tomiya Riches

It’s one hell of a pedal mate!

Paul Stacey (Producer, Guitarist, Mixer)