Cogmeister With Set Of 3 Barefoot Buttons

£333.32 (£399.98 including VAT - UK purchases only)

A three-in-one guitar pedal featuring an overdrive and two boosts, with a 3 barefoot buttons accessory set



The Cogmeister is a single guitar booster/overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedal containing a trio of compatible sections arranged in fixed series pattern; these comprise the Push, Drive, and Solo sections – each featuring its own true/hard-wire bypass stompswitch and corresponding LED. Powered using a ‘standard’ 9-Volts DC (12-Volts max) centre-negative dc barrel external connection or a regular internal 9-Volt battery.

In addition, a set of 3 custom labelled, purple anodised barefoot buttons for Cogmeister footswitches.

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Weight .765 kg